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  • Why Getting Enough Sleep May Be The Key To Happiness

    I love a good night's sleep. Sleep is important for your health, well-being, and how alert you are. Not getting a good night sleep can impact your...
  • The Good in the Small Stuff - Savor It

    There are often two sides to any situation and as human beings we have a choice in how we look at it. Make it a goal to look on the bright side and watch your happiness and contentment go up.

  • Happiness and Exercise

    If you are having a bad day, or are feeling down, the best way to increase your happiness, may be to exercise. There is a strong link between exer...
  • The Connection Between Doing Stuff And Happiness

    What if you made it a goal to work at a job, or build a business that helps fuel this feeling of contributing and giving back. Wouldn’t it be great if the hours you spend earning a living each week, also contribute to your overall happiness and a feeling of fulfillment?
  • Cultivating Happiness

    Spend some time today to reflect on what makes you happy and also what doesn’t make you happy. Dig deep.

  • Consider these Thoughts if You are Establishing or Managing an Online Community

    Perhaps if nothing else, this information will arm us with good points for thought and discussion when we realize, that something just is not right with a community we are participating in. Perhaps we will gain the words and ability to bring the issue to the forefront before our time is wasted and another community does not meet the result everyone intended and hoped for.
  • The 4th of July – Celebrating Independence Day the Quiet Way

    God bless you; God bless your families and God bless our Country; The United States of America.
  • Have You Participated in an Online Community and Did Not Enjoy it?

    I have been thinking a lot about online communities. One aspect what makes them tick, or rather what makes them bust? Thinking that some of these t...
  • Starting a Creative Community

    As I have previously mentioned I am a left brain thinker, I have the certifications to prove it! In late 2018 I opted to retire and get that right ...
  • Day 1 of My 2nd Ultimate Blog Challenge; This Month's Focus - Your Creativity

    I have three questions for you to consider.

    1. What is creativity?
    2. How important do you find creativity to be to your life?
    3. Do you know how to add more moments of using your "Creative Bones" to your day?
  • Creativity as a Springboard for a Successful Career

    It seems to me that everyone would benefit from adding creative activities to their life. If nothing else to stretch those "muscles" and get that left right brain connection really flowing.
  • Retirement? Starting a new Art Business in Post Retirement Life and Being Excited!

      As I have mentioned before, I am not making time to paint every day. What I am doing is learning. learning about SEO, Keywords, Websites, Pintere...