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  • Quote from Day 2 of Finding Your Creative Bones® 365 Devotional

    Quote from Day 2 of Finding Your Creative Bones 365 Devotional
  • Imagine the Moment Mankind was Created

    This is an quote from page 1 of my 365 day devotional. So appropriate for Palm Sunday.

  • My New Devotional and Faith Based Freebies until 4/15

    I was left feeling that I could not only encourage myself, but others to understand there is much we can do to begin healing our earth's and our resulting pain. My e-book , “Praying for OUR Earth" a 7 Day Devotional and Journal is now available. I thought with earth day this month, that this is a perfect opportunity to begin distributing it.
  • Another Ultimate Blog Challenge Ends on Halloween!

    I responded to each and every person who commented in the blogs and I am proud of myself for doing that, I have not always been successful at that in the past. I do wish this software allowed people to know I am responding. Maybe one day.
  • Our 30 Day Challenge is Ending, Our Work Will Continue

    The last leg of our time together looked mainly at contentment and how to reach it. Once you discover ways to minimize and deal with your complaining, it is much easier to put all your energy into more positive things. 

  • Are You Noticing that Contentment Feels Different than Complaining?

    Therefore, it makes sense to conclude that making a proactive effort to try to focus on the positive things and the emotions that result from this effort will help you to feel better. 
  • Build Your Support Network

    A support network is not a formal type of structure, as in a support group or meeting. It is more a social construct made up of your closest friends, family, colleagues, and peers. 
  • Let's Look Again at Meditation, Prayer and Journaling

    Remember, writing your thoughts, feelings and worries in a journal has several advantages to your wellbeing and state of mind. Journaling on a regular basis allows you to free your mind from clutter and get the jumble of thoughts you deal with daily out of your head. 
  • Stress and Overwhelm Make It Hard To Move From Complaining Into Contentment

    Life can be incredibly demanding. It is easy to become so burdened that you think you will never be able to get ahead. Such a fast-paced world can ...
  • Oh Happy Day! Contentment is Contagious Too

    When you feel your emotions beginning to sink, but you are not sure why, consider whether it could be a response to something going on with the company you are keeping at that moment. Likewise, take care to check your own emotions when you notice your mood plummeting so that you do not spread your negativity to others. 
  • Sometimes it is as Difficult as Letting Go

     Learning to Let Go So You Can Find Contentment Our complaints are based in several thoughts and feelings. Letting go of the ones that do not serve...
  • Complaining Begets Complaining

    Complaining Is Contagious – Watch Out We have talked about the ways in which your brain makes negative thinking come more easily than make the spac...