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Another Ultimate Blog Challenge Ends on Halloween!

I am so happy to report that I successfully completed this months Ultimate Blog Challenge, 31 posts in 31 days! Only posted one a day late. So happy to have participated this month. I focused on producing posts that would provide simple ideas for anyone to help themselves become more content and as a result happier in their lives. 

Personally I am committed to being as happy as possible, as much of the time as possible. To achieve that, I am also committed to looking for opportunities to help others feel more happiness in their lives. It feels like the right thing. Most of the time this is expressed in relation to creativity. Daily interaction in the Finding Your Creative Bones membership community with our members, teaching classes or recording the Coffee with the Cindys' with my business partner, Cindy Winsel. 

I want to thank everyone who read my blogs this month and provided feedback and encouragement. Your words warmed my heart and helped keep me going. THANK YOU! 

I responded to each and every person who commented in the blogs and I am tickled that I responded this time, I have not always been successful at that in the past. I do wish this software allowed people to know I am responding. Maybe one day.

I believe I will join the UBC in January and will begin now thinking about what topic(s) to focus on. I want to thank Paul Taubman for hosting the UBC and all of the great folks I have interacted with this month. Your blogs have inspired me at one moment and made me howl with laughter at another. You are all brilliant and I appreciate you all so much!

Until January, I will post something every week! See you next week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Cindy Winsel's Halloween Pumpkin - His Name is Forest

Cindy Winsel's Painted Pumpkin - his name is Forest!

The turquoise pumpkin is mine and her name is Shirley!

Cindy Rae Fanchers Painted Pumpkin - Shirley



Finding Your Creative Bones Membership and Class Site

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  • Cindy, I’m proud of you, too! Only one article posted late! I have much enjoyed your themes and hope to see you again in the January UBC. Thanks so much for the times you read my pieces and commented. I appreciate you!

    Kebba Buckley Button
  • Congratulations on completing the UBC Cindy! I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and will keep tabs on them throughout non challenge months! See you back here in January!! Love you pumpkins too!

  • Those are lovely pumpkins! I am glad to have participated and to have found your blog! I will keep up with your blog in the meantime! I might participate in January to start the new year off right!

    Happy Halloween!

    Dominique Walton Brooks
  • Cute pumpkins! I did much better keeping up with my blog in this round. The previous time, I petered out mid-month.

    Virginia Allain
  • Yay! Congratulations. I’m glad we will see you back in January. Beautiful creations, by the way. Happy Holidays!

    Jeanine Byers

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