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Companionship and Courage

Today I am feeling a little tired, are you also? I have been busy all week working on new paintings and getting others ready for my website. Yesterday I was thrilled to ship last week’s completion off to it’s new home. I sure hope they enjoy “Ascension” and that it adds something special to their home.

Isn’t that what we all want as humans? To positively impact others’ lives, to leave something behind that is meaningful and special. To have touched someone. Today for some reason this is really on my mind. For one thing, a dear friend is helping with photo editing and populating my web and print on demand site. Her just being her in the studio is a big help. She sat more than 6 feet away and we adhered to social distancing. Luckily, I was able to set her up with her own worktable and the room is situated so that we can actually talk and look each other in the face. It is so nice to be around another human being. I love my dogs but living alone I am finding I miss spending time with people. Although I feel tired today, I also feel joyful and hopeful.

We are crazy mixed up beings, so influenced by everything happening around us, not to us necessarily, but around us. This quarantine is wearing on people, I see it getting harder for people to adhere to and continue. We are just not meant to be isolated. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to be a pioneer living somewhere on your own or traveling across country by themselves, rarely seeing someone or talking with another person.  How did they do it? They were brave. I am glad we do not have to display that type of courage.

We do have courage it is displayed every day in what people are doing for other people. Even though they do not know them. It is amazing and beautiful. That is one of the blessings of this situation. The human beauty is more present than ever. I am grateful to see it, though in one respect, my eyes tear up at the sorrow that can pale the beauty if you allow it. It is a quandary. Kind of like abstract art. What do you really see when you look at an abstract painting? It is truly in the eyes of the beholder…

The more I blog, the more I see life in art. Thank you for reading my observations and I would love to hear your thoughts.

I have finished “Secret Garden”, this is the completed 30x30x1.5" painting.


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  • Hi, Do you take a break on the weekend? Do you celebrate the great things you have accomplished this week?
    I have just finished posting today’s contribution to the blog challenge. I have struggled with making the video work on the WordPress hosted version of the blog that I am using this month. ( it has imposed some limitations.)
    Rather than feeling frustrated and exhausted, I choose to feel grateful to have completed another post among the other things that have to be done from day to day.

    When you describe the size of your latest painting I assume the 1.5 dimension id the thickness of the canvas frame and not the thickness of the paint on it. ;) Blog on and paint on and best wishes for success in your online sales.

    Doug Jarvie
  • I love your Secret Garden and by the way your blogging is awesome. I bet it was nice to see another person albeit social distancing. I would like someone to help me and I know it will come when it’s suppose to come.

    Cindy Winsel

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