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Creating Art with Jewelry

I like to paint small canvases and add jewelry to them. You may have seen some of the art that has a Christmas Tree made from old jewelry, those are really nice, but that isn’t really what I do. I thought I would describe my process, so you could try it if you want to.

  • Select a canvas size you want to use. I like from 1x1 to 8x8. I also like the gallery wrapped canvas, they look so nice on the wall and more expensive.
  • Choose your color(s) for your canvas. I recommend acrylic paint for this. I always use artist grade, but if you prefer use craft paint. You might base the value of your jewelry as the basis in making your decision.
  • Paint your canvas in any way you find appealing. You can also collage something onto the canvas after or before painting depending on the look you are after. The first picture above has a separate painting of a silhouette collaged onto it, Posca Pen embellishments, crushed bottle cap and 2 pieces of jewelry.
  • Once your canvas is covered and you are happy with it, varnish it if you want to. I recommend a glossy varnish to make the surface shiny or if you prefer to use a satin varnish. I also like acrylic pour medium. The result is something like an epoxy finish. I really like it, if you use it make sure you poke any bubbles with something narrow and sharp, a safety pin or needle works. This canvas has painted deli paper collaged on it and pour medium on the whole canvas.
  • Now pick your jewelry. I try out a variety of different pieces before I settle on one or two to combine. You can layer, I like to use smashed rusted bottle caps under flowers. The picture above shows a bottle cap I use under the white flower below. The bottle cap adds interest.
I wasn't crazy about the fish so I tried a white flower on a smashed bottle cap.
  • After you have tried out the jewelry on your canvas use a strong adhesive like E-6000. I have also used gel medium, remember to leave it in a place for a while to let it dry and to use enough to get a strong adhesive base.
  • Put your hanger on your canvas and you are ready to admire your creation.

    Let me know if you would like more information on this, I will be offering a class in the near future and I would love to have you join. These make great bridal party gifts, sentimental presents and children’s gifts / party ideas. These works can also be commissioned.

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    • What a cool idea! And I have all the supplies at home. :)

      Angie V
    • Wow, I love this 3D art, and would love to try it. Yes, I am interested in the class, too!

      Alice Gerard
    • I love your painting with jewelry, they’re each original, fun and inspiring

    • What a great idea and I can see how it would be a great memorial piece for someone. I would definitely be interested in taking this class.

      Cindy Winsel
    • What a great idea for those odd pieces of jewelry one no longers wear. It would also be fun to visit thrift shops and second stores and look for pieces to inspire you to create a painting around them.

      Ann Rusnak

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