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What if you could think faster in response to a question, rather than later thinking I should have said...

What if you could learn how to brainstorm and work to effective solutions more easily?

What if you could create the future you are interested in and have worked so hard to get?

What if you could respond to change in your life or work without hesitation and have no doubt about your first thought to respond?

What if your life became focused and full of potential?

What if through learning how to engage and practice your creativity you realize there is a different path for you to achieve your goals?

What if through practicing creativity you realize you feel more whole or more focused?

What if through utilizing your creativity you achieve dreams you didn't know you had?

These are huge what if's, but they are all valid. My business Cindy Rae Fancher Art has a membership called Finding Your Creative Bones. In the membership you are given tools through experience so you can seek the answers to these what if's. Through daily practice of creative thinking you can begin to change how you look at and respond to the world. You can find answers to problems, focus and begin or accelerate your achievement of your goals. Many times we lack confidence and confidence affects our ability to respond utilizing our creativity. It is tragic how we can hold ourselves back and that keeps the world from benefiting from our brilliance. Did you know you are brilliant? You are in your own way, you just may not be in the habit of accessing your creativity which is a part of your brilliance.

You are unique and the solutions you can bring to the world are unique based your journey and experiences. If you never actually have the creative thought, you are probably bringing less to your life and the world. That is a dismal thought.

Did you know that creative practice can be playful and fun? So many times we are taught that fun probably is not a part of personal growth or learning. I don't see it that way. I believe through community, daily creative thinking practice and commitment to ourselves, we can have fun and learn just how much we have to offer. Especially in these times where many of us are so challenged by current events. What if we could all think easily of how to solve our problems, change, pivot and move forward. What angst would be removed from our lives, from our families?

My life has been a life of constant change, yet I have achieved so much. Including my 2nd life now after retirement. I retired at 59, which I am proud of. I was able to do this because I changed how I handled things and approached my life in my 40s. I realized that I wanted a different future from where I was headed. I achieved that dream, in large part I believe because I am a creative thinker. I was able to create my future and now I live in it. I want you to create your dream and make it come true also.

There are no guarantees, but one thing may be certain, if you haven't yet committed to a future you believe in with your whole heart and if you had a hmm response to any of the what if's, you may want to consider building your creative thinking skills as a means to achieve what you don't even know you want yet. If you want to read more about how we are going about the approach on Finding Your Creative Bones, please visit www.FindingYourCreativeBones.com.

Next week there will be a Cindy Rae Fancher Art - Finding Your Creative Bones YouTube channel that has additional videos on creative thinking. In addition, a good friend of mine and I art starting art creation videos and course creation. We will be posting a weekly coffee chats on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We are thinking we will call it Coffee With the Cindy's as we are both Cindys' and artists, fyi I go by Cindy Rae, it makes it easier!

It is probably obvious at this point, that I decided to stay pretty busy in my retirement. In addition, to the other items mentioned I have an art business, creating and selling my original abstract and 'MU paintings. MUs are a bird I created, part Emu, Ostrich and occasionally part LLama. You can see many of my works on this website, www.cindyraefancherart.com and additional products on https://www.redbubble.com/people/cindyraefancart/shop?asc=u I am still populating both sites, so come back from time to time! I have written a children's book and am now illustrating it with many MUs in the story. Hopefully it will be available in 2021.

Multicolor MU Original art by Cindy Rae Fancher

My heart is filled when I help others and I feel Finding Your Creative Bones will help me help others. I think there is no joy greater than helping someone achieve their goals. During my career I was blessed with the opportunity to mentor and manage many people over 35+ years, all over the world. It is those experiences that made any sacrifice worthwhile and my career special.

I celebrate that I can through Finding Your Creative Bones, again share my blessings and help others for less than a dollar a day and way less than a designer coffee every day!


Cindy Rae Fancher Original Abstract Angel Wings


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  • So much wonderfulness happening for you! I love video coffee chats. I used to livestream while making art every Saturday. It was a blast!

    Julie JordanScott
  • I do enjoy creativity and while I hope to spend more time on drawing and painting, right now, writing is what I am enjoying the most.. so that is where my creative bones are :) Loved your thoughts on this and so so true..

  • Martha -
    Perhaps retirement that isn’t really retirement, just new fun is the best retirement of all! We are both blessed.

    Cindy Rae Fancher
  • Cindy Winsel -
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate them and you!

    Cindy Rae Fancher
  • I love being creative and passsing what I’ve learned their the years to others. Hubby and I retired from our 53 year old Interior Decorating and window treatment workroom in 2018 but can’t seem to figure out retirement. I’m just too busy being creative to find time to do nothing. LOL


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