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Day 1 of My 2nd Ultimate Blog Challenge; This Month's Focus - Your Creativity

So here we go again, this is my second time to join the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC), where I will post an entry for every day of July. I normally post two a month. So this is a bit of a challenge, but I love to write and this is a wonderful opportunity to practice! UBC is a challenge, but fun also as it encourages me to think outside of the box and dig deep for a creative response. Last time I spent a good amount of time talking about my retirement, my pups and RV'ing. This time my focus will be on creativity and what it can mean to us, what it means to you. 

Creative Brain

To be completely transparent I have started a new business that focuses on creativity and successfully be creative. I will talk about that on days where we are invited to talk in detail regarding our businesses. For now it is enough to say that I am 100% focused on it and loving my life as a result. I am excited and I will never have enough good words to indicate how important I believe creativity is to our lives. How we handle change, how we problem solve, the decisions we make; it is my opinion, and many who know much than I do about the science of creativity, that creativity is the key to these items and so much in our lives. It affects our achievements, our successes and a lack of creativity could very well be the reason for failure. So let's spend the next 30 days, this is day 1 focusing on the value of creativity!

I have three questions for you to consider.

  1. What is creativity?
  2. How important do you find creativity to be to your life?
  3. Do you know how to add more moments of using your "Creative Bones" to your day?

Think these over and let's see if your thoughts change or are substantiated over the days to come! I am all in. Here is another for you, what are you all in for? How are you going to make it happen?

Ideas and Creativity Turning the LightBulb On Post Its

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Tanya – Thank you! Stay tuned I will be referring to creativity and community all month long unless I run out of new words! Then I have to kick in my supercharged creativity! LOL

    Cindy Rae Fancher
  • I will be thinking of answers to your 3 questions and I cannot wait to read more!! Look forward to tomorrow!

  • Brenda Fluharty -
    I totally agree with you, our creativity or command of our creativity affects everything we do.

    Cindy Rae Fancher
  • Creativity for me happens on a daily basis, it is in everything that we do.

    Brenda Fluharty

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