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Day 30 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge

Well today is the 30th day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I cannot believe these 30 days has gone by so quickly. I have enjoyed the last 30 days; it has been a new experience for me to complete something like this challenge. In truth I found that my entire life has reorganized a bit. I have become far more focused on my art, the type of art I am producing and setting the stage to build awareness of my art and associated products. I believe this blog is partly responsible for my greater focus.

Building that awareness is where the rubber hits the road. If no one ever sees my art, it will just sit there, so it is essential that I take the steps to build the awareness. This blog is only one of the steps, but I believe it has been and hopefully will be a key part of my story and bring enjoyment and value to others. Sometimes all we really need is a little something that makes us smile. I will continue to endeavor to bring  that. I am sure there will be many more Buddy and Reckless, life on the lake and life in the RV stories to share. I hope you will continue to come back and learn more about my art processes and enjoy the stories along the way.

It has been a great joy to talk with and review other blogs during this month. I will continue to read others and to seek out those that make me smile or intrigue me with knowledge I do not have. I congratulate all of the bloggers who completed our 30 and I hope to see them again in July.

Paul thank you for a great challenge and your support. You are awesome.

I will continue writing, but the frequency will be just a little less. Talk with you in a few days. Let me know if there are topics that I can blog on. I take requests! Perhaps my paintings below will give some ideas, these are different from those I have shown below, they are more tribal in nature and I hope they tell you a story.

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  • I love the line, “Building that awareness is where the rubber hits the road.” an that is so true for artists, business people, musicians, singers, sculptors, writers, etc. It does not matter how good you are, if no one knows about you or sees your work or reads your poems, or hears your music, or… you get the idea! If no one knows you, your gifts and talents suffer.

    Thanks for being part of the challenge. I hope to see you in July when we start up again!

    Paul Taubman
  • I’m so glad I got to meet and follow your awesome blogs, I love your paintings! This challenge is the best and Congratulations on completing it! Until July, blog on.

  • Aah my new friend. I love your art and I look forward to many more blogs from you.

    Cindy Winsel
  • I like your tribal series. I think of a village and in these pictures, I assume the one with the crown has the corona. If only it was that easy to determine that in our own villages. Paint more, show more, sell more, and blog on!

    Doug Jarvie

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