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I Feel Joy from Creating and Sharing My Art

Today's topic for the Ultimate Blog Challenge was to review a book or movie and for extra difficulty tie it to our niche. 

My first thought was of Disaster Movies. I have been a fan of every type of disaster movie my whole life. I loved the drama, the challenge that the heroes and heroines faced.

Now I may have changed my opinion. I have been through several disasters, many hurricanes, a flood, a tornado and now Covid-19, although I have not had it and hopefully will not. I have even broken my neck and recovered. I can’t help but think NO MORE DISASTERS please. I say this with a chuckle not a tear. I am not feeling sorry myself, I don’t feel that way at all. But I am feeling a little fatigued. My situations have been blessed compared to so many others. I don’t know why, but I am thankful. After surviving the Nashville tornado last month, I feel it just isn’t my time yet, that I still have a mission to fulfill. I am the heroine in my movie.

Perhaps my mission is my art and writing. I have great hope that it will bring others joy. That they will laugh at my crazy Mu birds or the colors I love to utilize will inspire or lift someone’s spirits. I don’t how people will be touched; I just hope they will be. I am still building my art business; I have a long road to go to be a successful artist from a financial perspective. Though I am already successful in my mind as I do my art, share my art and I see people smile and laugh. Especially little ones. I feel satisfaction when I see those smiles, hear those chuckles.

As I have previously mentioned I love to learn and learning about art and becoming more proficient at creating art makes me happy. I am just like everyone else; I love to be happy!

After thinking about it, maybe now I will just watch the end of disaster movies, fast forward to the scene where the heroes celebrate and move on to the new day.

This is Harry, the main character of the children's book I am writing and illustrating. Leave me a comment if he makes you smile!


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  • You make me smile and so do your characters. Thank you! I love those movies too and agree about fast forwarding right to the happy ending!

    Minette Riordan
  • Those colors and your Mus make me happy.. thank you!

  • Love your attitude, your Mu’s, and Harry. Looking forward to your book.

    Cindy Winsel
  • Harry has cute knees 😁

  • Harry makes me smile, and your other Mu’s too. Great storyteller, you are!!!

    Marsha Goodwyn-Arnold

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