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Life Evokes Color?

Today I participated in the Saturday morning writing group, "Writing through the Apocalypse". The poem below was the result of the first writing round. I found it interesting that in the quick 20 minutes my focus was immediately color based as I thought about what I was grateful for. The prompt was:

Make a list of 10 things for which you are grateful. How can you take that feeling of gratitude into the rest of your day?

This poem "The Color of Gratitude" was my response. 

The Color of Gratitude

The sky turns from dark black to brilliant orange in an awakening,

I am mystified.

The bud swells from green to a splash of brilliant color,

I am charmed.

The friend speaks and the mood turns from gray to blue in one word of support,

I am engaged.

The relative indicates concern and love and my heart beats with intense red,

I am loved.

The mother lovingly teaches the child perseverance with a tenor that is calming off white,

I am impressed.

The pet climbs into my lap and looks imploring with sweet hazel brown eyes for a stroke of a hand,

I am happily moved to touch.

The wind encourages the leaves to dance in their place with the soft glistening of light to dark green,

I am entranced.

The sun warms the air to a soft yellow heat as it brushes across my face,

I am refreshed.

The oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and creeks rush with the crash of purple in their haste to reach their destination,

I am in awe.

The world continues to turn on an axis slightly off kilter somedays, yet remains deep blue and green,

I am shown the power of strength.


It seems that I am in my very soul an artist, who is moved to appreciate not only my surroundings, which I do, but the colors that life evokes as we move through our days.

I have a suggestion for you today. As you go through the day, stop and see if what you are doing, who you are with/talking to evokes a color for you. What does that color mean to you? Does it make you grateful?


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  • What a beautiful poem of color and emotion, Cindy Rae. It’s amazing what can come from twenty minutes of being in the zone, yes?

  • Wow, you are an artist in so many ways. The photo and your poem go hand in hand with your descriptive and beautiful words.

    Cindy Winsel
  • beautiful…isn’t it amazing how we can see something and have feelings of emotions or be compelled to write something beautiful like your poem.

    Nancy Smith

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