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Our 30 Day Challenge is Ending, Our Work Will Continue

Let’s Wrap This Up and Review

Wow! Where have the last four weeks gone? We have covered so much information on turning complaints into contentment, and I have had such a great time sharing it with you. I can hardly believe we have reached the end of our journey on this topic. I know you now have the tools you need to move forward and reach your goal of approaching life in a more positive way. You have the knowledge you need to turn your mindset around and to work toward solutions instead of automatically venting your frustration.

As we finish this 30-day challenge, it is natural to look back over the material we have covered. I know it is a lot of information that can seem overwhelming, so let's break it down and refresh our memories of all we've learned over the past month.

Our challenge began with an introduction to the topic and an overview of what it means to turn complaints into contentment. I gave you some insight into what you would be learning throughout our time together, and it is my sincere hope that I delivered on my promises. We then moved into an examination of complaining.

This look into the nuts and bolts of complaining was extensive. You learned what happens to your brain and how it changes when you frequently complain. Negativity is an easier pattern to etch into your neural pathways, and it can become a destructive habit. Not only is constant complaining damaging to you, but it also hurts those around you. After discovering these effects, you now have the understanding and the motivation to climb out of the complaint trap.

We further examined the concept of complaining, with particular emphasis on ways to change the toxic habit into proactive action instead. I showed you the steps to lodging a legitimate complaint and how to brainstorm solutions to the problems that frustrate you instead of just venting about them.

The next section of our challenge was geared toward finding ways to take control back from your complaining so that you can move forward in a strategic manner toward finding your contentment. We looked at the role gratitude plays on feeling content, how you can become aware of your complaints and what to do instead of complaining, among other relevant topics.

The last leg of our time together looked mainly at contentment and how to reach it. Once you discover ways to minimize and deal with your complaining, it is much easier to put all your energy into more positive things. I shared with you some concrete methods for bringing more contentment into your life, understanding that being content is contagious, recruiting a support network to help you keep moving toward your goals and learning to let go of what's holding you back.

Sure, that is a lot of material we covered. However, you can always return to this challenge to review and to process any portions that could still use work. Putting the complaining behind you to reach contentment is a process. The more you practice each component of this challenge, the easier it will be to incorporate the lessons into your life. Enjoy the journey, and best of luck to you!

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  • I’ve enjoyed reading your topics Cindy, they definitely gave me much to think about. Looking forward to seeing you in the January UBC for more valuable lessons.

  • Thanks! Best to you, too. Yes, you gave me a lot of food for thought this month. Tomorrow is our last official day, but not everyone posts on weekends. I will, this time, but I usually don’t. Hope to see you for the January challenge.

    Jeanine Byers
  • Thank you for completely covering this topic — it gave me a lot to think about!

    I am going to keep writing most days — I made the mistake of doubling up this month…

    Need a slight break LOL

    Dominique Walton Brooks
  • I intend to continue writing every day after the completed challenge! What about you?

    Kate Loving Shenk

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