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Painting with Diversity

I worry my art interests are too diverse.

Perhaps you can give me your thoughts. When you consider buying art from a professional artist, would you be put off by a varied portfolio or would you find it intriguing?

These are some of the different types of work I enjoy.

I find my interests are always on my Mus, especially now that I am writing and illustrating a children’s book. They are my mainstay in the sense that I want to be identified with them for the humor and appreciation they seem to bring to both adults and children.

So many other types of paintings call my name also. You know from some of my most recent work that I paint abstracts. There are times where that is all I want to paint; it is as if I am full of the color and I just must share it with the canvas. Boy that is laying it on deep isn’t it. I really feel that way though.

For a totally different type of work I love to do what I call my “She’s a Doll” series. I utilize vintage jewelry as the bouquets for each girl that I craft out of acid free paper and paint. They all have clothes I design, some out of fabric.

I not only utilize jewelry on the doll paintings, but also include in it work where I use jewelry to accent mixed media paintings. I have shown you some of these in previous blog entries.

For something totally different again,  I have a series I call “It’s a Mystery” where I paint a multitude of colors on a canvas and then I use an Acrylic Paint Pen to draw in what I see and the many different shapes that seem to come out of the canvas. These are fun to create, the large ones are labor intensive, many hours to draw in the shapes. Well worth the effort, this one is 24x24.

I also have started a series “My Travel to Space” where I depict the stars, planets, nebulas you name it. Space paintings inspire me. That part of me that always loved astronomy is enthralled when I let my create a new space painting.

I also do Encaustic work in the cooler months. These pieces are layer upon layer of clear and pigment enriched wax. I also use ink and other items to add interest and depth to the layers. The use of the hot wax and the torch to smooth the wax can produce a zen like state just to remove the tiny air bubbles and produce an even smooth surface.

What do you think? Too diverse or just enough? I will probably continue creating all of them, but your thoughts may help me focus and with the ongoing design of my website. After all a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I think that includes all of these!

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  • they are so beautiful, creative, and so so colorful.. i cannot pick a favorite, but if i have to, then well, i simply cannot.. :) but i know i am inspired even more now to pick up paper and some pencils and get started

  • It doesn’t matter to me how many different kinds of art an artist does. If I like something well enough to buy it, that’s all that matters.


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