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Reckless and Buddy Come Home

Yesterday I wrote about Story, my neighbor's very special dog. Could you tell I am just crazy about her? I bet you could. Anyway, because Story is so awesome, I began to think I would really love my own dog. This was especially true after I bought an RV last September. I realized that I really wanted to have a puppy/dog to travel with me. I had a vision of perfection, me in the driver's seat, the puppy in the passenger nestled into his/her blankets and looking out the window watchin the world go by. I could see us having long walks, while I enjoyed the sights. Aw.. what a thought! Weekend after weekend I would review the local adoption websites. While the pups were cute, none really compelled me to jump into puppy motherhood. Then when I had just convinced myself I needed to stop looking as I was going on a 2-week vacation / cruise soon, I saw the cutest puppy.

That was it, much as I tried to push the thought away telling myself I could not adopt now, I couldn’t let that sweet picture and puppy go. I was drawn to look at her over and over. Finally, I sent an email to the adoption folks asking if there was any way we could work out an adoption with me leaving on a trip in the near future. I had to send them my bio and information to see if I was an acceptable Mom. It was quite a surprise to me to go through this for an adoption, but I was stuck on Reckless, then known as Rubicon, being mine. They approved me and I arranged to meet her, that is where the trouble started.

                           Buddy 6-7 Weeks Old

Before I could get into the yard with the puppies, Buddy, formerly known as Rocky, was clamoring to get to me. He was right at my feet and within a few seconds laid his little head down on my foot and really didn’t want to move. Uh oh, I knew I had a problem. How can you say no to such a beautiful sweet creature who runs up and lays their head on your foot? I petted him and he was sooo soft, sooo sweet, IT HAPPENED, I was hooked, but I still felt attached to Reckless. What was I to do? I knew I should say I am taking Reckless and let it go, but everywhere I went in the yard Buddy followed and Every Time he put his little head down on my feet. I had no doubts, he adopted me then and there, from first sight.

On the other hand, it was disappointing to me that Reckless really didn’t seem very interested in my company. She was more intrigued by her siblings than me. What I have now realized is that she is a little slower to warm up to people, but she is capable of great adoration and faithfulness until you show you do not agree with her. At that, she turns away and goes about her own thoughts and business. That she has a strong will and mind is to put it mildly.

Not surprisinglyI decided they were both to be mine and loved the idea they would not be alone or feel lonely when I am out of the house. The adoption folks wanted me to take the dogs for a few weeks and then take them back to the foster parent while I was on vacation, so I took them home a few days later. I had NO idea what life with these two pups would be like. First, on the way home they both were so carsick that I was shocked at how they both looked when we arrived at my house. I had put them in a crate with towels, blankets and a toy or two in the back of my Tahoe so that they would safe, comfortable and happy on the journey home. Nirvana, right? When I opened the tailgate, I saw two visibly shaken and terrified pups who were covered in drool and sickness to put it nicely. They were so much more than wet... So to put this in context you need to know that I am someone who has always retched when someone is sick and I am not someone that would jump in to clean up a mess unless I really had to. Obviously, I had no children of my own or I probably would have gotten over this a long time ago. My sister or mother was always kind enough to take care of these things with my nieces or their dogs. Picture this, I was standing, looking at the two pups who were staring at me like I was a monster, stupefied and thinking oh what have I done? Truthfully, I think I wanted to slam the tailgate shut run or head right back to the foster family. I couldn’t help thinking that this had started with me wanting a puppy to travel in my RV with me.  Instead I now had two puppies that are incredibly prone to carsickness. This has been proved to be true EVERY TIME we get in a car. Wow was all I could think. I pushed through my trepidation and took them inside for a cleanup. Poor babies, poor me, our adventure had begun.

Read my blog tomorrow for more on the pups, my personal adjustment and our first RV trip, a two-week trip! I am either gutsy or let's just say something else!

Please leave me comments with your thoughts or your own experiences, I look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Oh I so love your writing and this story about your fur babies. We don’t have any children and our 3 fur babies are our children. Two of them are rescues. I’m not sure anyone can handle vomit. Even as a teacher, and having to clean up more than my share of kid vomit, I never ever enjoyed it.
    So did you ever go on that cruise?

    Cindy Winsel
  • I am with you on the seeing someone get sick thing… I cannot stand it. I get sick seeing someone get sick… UGH!

    I am waiting to hear more about how the adventures continue! 2 new puppies can be a handful! ANd so rewarding!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Paul Taubman
  • Awww! They’re so sweet!!!!

    Carrie A Tripp

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