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Buddy, Reckless and I find a Rhythm

Getting adjusted to the puppies proved to be a bit of a challenge for me. I don’t know what I expected. Who am I kidding I know what I thought…  they would be the most perfect well behaved, never or rarely do anything wrong, sit at my feet, always look at me with total adoration, additions to my family.  I don’t what planet I thought I was living on, but it certainly couldn’t have been this one! Story spoiled me and I was full of false expectations.


I did not realize that while I may not be the best housekeeper on Lake Conroe, I was / am a little pickier that I knew. I practically drove myself crazy the first two weeks I had the pups. Constantly cleaning, trying to get them to do what I wanted them to do, rather than recognizing these were 8 week old pups, who had no idea what living in a house without paper down everywhere they touched, was. Water everywhere, messy drinkers. Pee everywhere, no training. And yes you guessed it, the other one anywhere and everywhere. Especially Buddy, who I began to think was deaf. He isn’t, just good at ignoring me. Two pups are also prolific and into everything. One night watching Reckless scratch, poke, chew and prod into everything she could get to, I came to name her Reckless. She is fearless and recklessly gets into the same thing over and over. As I mentioned she has a strong mind. The name still fits. They made me a crazy woman, I worried for and about them 24x7. I enjoyed them, don’t get me wrong, but I really liked it when they were sleeping. I felt like a terrible person. It was a really good idea I had a cruise planned. They probably hoped I would grow up a little before picking them up. I hoped they would learn some manners. Oh, for wishful thinking. Really, they were so sweet and so easy to love, but I knew had to figure this out.

Of course, we went to the vet and they received clean bills of health yet were sick on the trip both ways. We went to PetSmart, I can see now I went a little overboard on the toys and trying to find anything that would help me train them to not use my floor at will or chew the house down. They were sick. I finally took them back to the foster mom and they were sick before we were a mile down the road. Ugh.

After my vacation, I picked them up so excited to see them. I was a new person. You know what happened on the way home. I wasn’t quite as excited when I opened the tailgate and managed to get it all over me before I could get them in the house.

To help us cope better I bought small fence for the yard and thought it would be the key to all of us being happier. This was a great idea until after a week or so I saw Reckless climbing over the fence. I was so afraid she was going to hang herself or runaway, I ordered a taller fence. You can see how this goes. Anyway, we became more and more used to each other and I settled down a little. Then we went on our first RV trip for New Years. We drove 2 hours and I used some natural chews my Vet recommended to calm them. I had hopes that we would kick the carsickness. But oh no, Reckless cried and panted most of the way until 5-10 minutes before we arrived, she gave me her present! Not a pleasant site or smell.

First real RV trip, first trip with the dogs and by the time we get there I was stressed to the max, just about made myself sick. Golly I needed to take those chews. I set up the dogs in a doggy play pen that I kept in my living for them and we settled in for some fun. It was a good time until New Year’s Eve.

I don’t know why I didn’t realize that fireworks and puppies are not a good combination. I just happened to be walking the dogs when the park we were staying at kicked off their fireworks display. All you know what broke loose. Each dog wrapped their leashes the opposite direction around my legs and proceeded to wrap themselves as tight as they possibly could. I still do not know how I managed to stay on my feet. Buddy and Reckless were terrified and I was trapped. I bent down to try to free Buddy and without meaning to he bit me good. Fortunately, a friend came running and ran them back to the RV for me. Wow I’m not sure why I feel it is necessary to learn these things the hard way, but it does seem to be my preferred course. Next day, we headed home, and I need say no more about what happened along the way.

We have taken a two-week RV trip since then. You may have read my  earlier blog that talked about the Nashville, Tornado. Yes, on our first long trip on the second night out we were literally in a tornado. Can you believe it? Wow. I had the same experience with the dogs wrapped around my legs only this time I had my hands and arms full, it was hailing, and lightening was crashing around us. It was harrowing, but we made it to shelter. If the situation had been different, I would have laughed myself silly at the sight we must have presented. Funny thing is since that happened; we have had no more carsickness. I guess it only took a tornado to cure them… Seems they have come to love the inside of the RV. No fireworks, no loud noises. Nice and safe. Sad thing is they are both scared of the rain and thunder now. I hope that will pass.

We have finally found our rhythm and are happier now than we have been. They fill my days with laughter, and I love them both so much, I am very  happy to have them. I look forward to our next trip, I enjoyed the time we had on the road. I am pretty sure the stories are not over for us, but for now we are settled in. Speaking of settled, I see Buddy has brought a big stick in the house and Reckless is downstairs staring at me and crying. So, this is the end for today. I have puppies to cuddle.

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  • Oh but they are so cute!

  • Oh my goodness. You are definitely on an adventure with these two. They are sooooo cute, though!

    Carrie A Tripp
  • What an adventure you and the puppies were on as you got to know one another. I am happy that you enjoy being mommy to those adorable puppies.

    Alice Gerard
  • WOW, what an adventure…..two puppies not even full-grown dogs. Don’t think crates are inhumane- think about using a crate. This gives them their own little place- their own safe space/ room…..usually they will not mess in their own room. If they do you can line their crate with wee-wee pads or cut up newspaper……You can never overdo it with the toys, but take some time to play with them with those toys, play some tug of war with them or throw it and have them fetch the toy and bring it back…..Ok, I’m not selling you anything here, but if you want to check out my FREE Doga 101 course to learn how to Doga TOGETHER (with your dog) here is the link:https://doggone-choices.teachable.com/purchase?product_id=1764528. You can copy and paste in your browser and enjoy….I’m always available to chat too! Oh, wait I must tell you, that you will be on my email list but can always unsubscribe from that as well. Anyway…..best of luck for a long life TOGETHER with your pups- they are adorable! I have four dogs so I get what you may have been thinking!!

    Pamela Schmidlin

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