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Surround Yourself with a Community of Happy People

Happiness can be found with others who are happy in community with others

Moods are contagious. If you’re around a bunch of sad and depressed people, you’ll start to feel down. If on the other hand you are in a group, a community, of happy people, you can’t help but start to smile. It makes sense then to surround yourself with happy people if you want your own level of happiness to increase.

Does this mean that you should shut all people who aren’t super happy out of your life? 

Definitely not. We all have important people in our lives whom we love and cherish even if they don’t have the sunniest outlook on life. Plus we all have happier, and sadder seasons in our lives. It would be horrible if we avoided loved ones during tough times.

Instead, what I suggest is that you take note of who the happy people in your life are.

Who are your cheerleaders that will cheer you on no matter what and who will put a smile on your face anytime you spend time with them? Take note of those positive people, be they friends, family, or even just acquaintances. Build a support system of happy people that you can turn to when you’re feeling down.

Along the same lines, you want to be careful about the negative and sad people around you and how they affect your own mood. 

When you’re having a hard time and are struggling with your own happiness levels, it may be better to avoid people that you know will bring you further down. Those are the times when you want to spend time with your team of cheerleaders, your happiness support system. Again, this doesn’t mean that you need to completely shut people out of your life, just take note of their energy and how they affect you and spend time with them accordingly.

When you are feeling low, don’t be afraid to ask that your positive friends and family share with you. Find a happy / positive community of people to participate in and with.

Smiling, laughing, and feeling good about life is contagious. Encourage them to spread the joy while you soak it up from the happy people around you. Call up that friend that can instantly make you feel better, and talk to people around you who love and care for you about this idea of contagious happiness. Let them know when you could use some cheering up and then return the favor. Just ask, they will be happy to support you and in what better way than being happy and positive!

When you are happy, don’t be afraid to share that happiness and spread it around.

Let’s face it, we all have times when we’re happier and in a much better mood. Make it a habit to build others up and create that happiness support system you need and deserve. It will make a huge difference in your life and those around you.


Positive Sharing in a Community or team of people

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  • Jeanine Byers -
    Both on and offline is really important. Fortunately my next neighbor And her husband are very special friends I am close to and I really enjoy my neighbors on the other side also. It really helps!

    Cindy Rae Fancher
  • Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA -
    So very true!

    Cindy Rae Fancher
  • Happiness begets happiness and loneliness begets loneliness! Yes, we need to surround ourselves with good, happy people :)

    Jojo Reyes Jr
  • This is such good advice! I need to pay more attention to creating a community of happy people in my life. Right now, they are online, but I need to have good offline friendships, too.

    Jeanine Byers
  • The old rule- look at someone’s friends and you will find out a lot about that person. Find those that look for the bright silver linings!

    Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA

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