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Stop Complaining About Things That Cannot Be Changed

Constant complaining, rather than reaching for contentment, has a way of taking over your life. I have shared with you the ways in which it creates a pattern in your brain that is hard to break. Just yesterday we covered the ways in which it negatively affects the ways in which others view you. We have also looked at ways to lodge a legitimate complaint. There truly are times when your frustration should be heard.

Have you ever asked yourself if there some things you should never complain about? I would hope you have, but if you have not start today. One big rule I try to follow in my life is to never complain about things that can't be changed. Doing so is counterproductive in so many aspects. It does nothing but hurt you. Let’s examine what I mean by that.

It is Pointless

One of the main reasons to avoid complaining about things that cannot be changed is that there's no point to it. It's a fruitless effort and waste of energy. I have known people who will complain about anything and everything. For example, the weather is something that comes to mind. Sure, it's unfortunate if nasty weather spoils your plans, but dwelling on it isn't going to change a thing. The weather will not magically clear up because you're moaning and groaning about it. This goes for tons of other things that are beyond our control.

It Brings You Down

Griping about the weather or something else that is out of your hands only serves to bring you and those around you down. You will feel even worse about the unfortunate circumstance if you wallow in pity or anger about it. Complaints about something that can't be change can truly bring down the entire mood of a room. Try not to indulge in it.

It Keeps You Stuck

Do you remember when we talked about the science behind complaining and the ways in which constant exposure to negativity affects your brain? Fruitless complaining that can never produce a satisfactory outcome is one sure way to create those neural pathways that perpetuate the pattern of unhappiness. You will find yourself in a constant complaint loop quickly if you allow yourself the luxury of engaging in complaints that go nowhere.

It Holds You Back

Constant complaining, as I shared with you in yesterday's blog post, can really hold you back. This happens when you gain a bad reputation as a downer who never has anything positive to say. People make all kinds of assumptions about the character of complainers, and they don't usually want to hang around such folks. Chronic complaining can cost you relationships, jobs and more.

These are just some of the ways that complaining about things you cannot change is useless. There are thousands of better uses of your energy.


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  • Lily Leung – Thanks for commenting! We are aligned

    Cindy Rae Fancher
  • Nadya King – Thanks you, I agree!

    Cindy Rae Fancher
  • I agree with you totally. It’s a waste of time and energy complaining about things that can’t be changed. It’s a bad habit and that can be changed.

    Lily Leung
  • So true!
    I love working with intentional art as a vehicle to both bring those old stories and patterns to light, and begin to reframe them!

    Nadya King

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