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The Case for Personal Responsibility

Nervous by Cindy Rae Fancher

The Importance Of Taking Personal Responsibility

We hear the phrase "personal responsibility" a lot these days. Sometimes it can have a negative connotation to it, but it certainly does not have to. Being personally responsible for yourself and your actions is an incredibly empowering decision. There are a lot of nuances to this concept, but I think it can be applied to the idea of striving to become a more content person. Read on, and I will show you what I mean.

About Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility has a lot to do with deciding to be more positive in your life. We have talked about the ways in which complaining directly affects your sense of contentment. There are tons of negative outcomes that go along with constant griping. However, taking responsibility comes with all sorts of positive things. You will feel more in control when you consciously decide to make a change. Personal responsibility involves owning your actions, avoiding the placement of blame, and understanding the impact of your action.

What Complaining Does

When you complain about something, particularly without having a strong reason or a solution to the problem in mind, you are essentially giving away your control. As I have shared with you in past posts, there are ways to lodge a legitimate and productive complaint. However, many times, complaining is used as merely a way to vent our frustrations. These pointless complaints put us in a position of loss. We give up control and think there is nothing we can do about the issue but whine and moan. We also place the responsibility for a problem and the cause of our frustrations outside of ourselves. That is not always fair or correct.

Own Your Words

Instead, we must learn to own our words and take full personal responsibility for our complaints. When we are frustrated by something enough to want to complain about it, we need to decide whether making the complaint is worth the fallout, the consequences. Remember, constant complaining hurts our reputation, brings down our mood and holds us back in life. Therefore, each time you voice your frustrations, you should consciously take ownership of your words. You cannot take them back. Once they are said, they're yours forever. Choosing to reserve  complaining to only those times where there is a valid reason and you have a potential solution in mind is far more empowering than letting yourself fall prey to constant whining about things you can't change. You are in control when you handle your complaints in this manner.

Keep these tips in mind when you feel like complaining. Choosing to own your words rather than to mindlessly complain will bring you much more power and control. This is a case in which personal responsibility is beneficial and can make you feel much better, happier!

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  • Kathleen Port – Thank you for commenting. There is a real gift in having friends we can vent with, who understand us, but I do believe that we are physically better off if we can use exercise or another means to rid ourselves of the emotion. That way we let go and they don’t have to even consider! Thanks for commenting.

    Cindy Rae Fancher
  • Anna Maria Junus – yes unfortunately Humor doesn’t always work…

    Cindy Rae Fancher
  • I noticed that when I used to hang out with girlfriends, it might start with a complaint, but like your reader above, it would turn funny and then we would be laughing about it, laughing at our indignation, laughing about the fallout of whatever the complaint was. In that way, it sort of discharged it. Thank you for the distinction between venting and offering a constructive solution. Understanding that some of us are struggling and need to vent may help us find other ways to deal with these emotions, like exercise or art or reading or cooking or…… so many options.

    kathleen port
  • I find if I can complain and make it funny, then I feel better. It’s too bad that not everyone appreciates my humor.

    Anna Maria Junus
  • Vidya – I am so glad you found the post worthwhile and that you like Nervous! He is one of my favorites.

    Cindy Rae Fancher

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