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The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge, Lake Lure, North Carolina

Recently I was in Asheville, North Carolina for an artist’s conference. What a beautiful area of the United States. The rolling hills, mountains and mountain roads are full of mystery and beauty particularly in early spring. A bit of the brown of winter with many hits of spring color peeping through to touch this artist's soul.  I know I am laying it on thick, but truthfully! In the RV with the pups on our way back to Texas, we happened upon Chimney Rock Village and Lake Lure, NC. Happened is correct, I was going southeast when I wanted to go straight west, but no matter it was worth it!

I couldn’t help noticing the beautiful little town of Chimney Rock Village nestled beside the Rocky Broad River. Fishing is probably really good on that river. The village is made for visiting, it is so small you could easily miss it, but so scenic you would never want to. Chimney Rock Village has approximately one hundred and fifteen residents who run and own the shops and restaurants that are pretty compelling in their encouraging you to stop and enjoy the sights. It seems to me this could be an ideal vacation site.  

As I was leaving Chimney Rock Village and about to cross the Rocky Broad River to the town of Lake Lure, I noticed I was approaching an old bridge that ran next to the highway. The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge is literally covered and surrounded by a beautiful flowering garden. 

Even before spring was officially underway there was a mass of color and growth on and surrounding the bridge. I had never seen anything like it before. One of the promises I made myself when I bought the RV was to stop when something really captured my attention. All my life I have been in too much of a hurry to stop always thinking “oh how nice, one day maybe I will stop”. There may never be another day, so I turned around and headed back. The dogs and I got out and I was spellbound by the charm and beauty of the bridge and garden. In addition, on one side of the bridge there was a lovely view of Lake Lure to enjoy and the Rocky Broad River on the other. Peaceful sounds of water movement, birds singing and the breeze filled my ears and senses. I felt a sense of peace and a longing to stay in the garden. While walking around, taking pictures and getting the dogs out of the gardens, I fell in love with the spot and what the villagers had accomplished with their old bridge.

After strolling and admiring for a while one of the volunteers came up to greet me and the dogs. Such a friendly man, obviously proud of their garden, he shared anything I wanted to know and a little about himself and his own dog. Then he introduced me to another volunteer who, after finding out I am an artist, proceeded to invite me or anyone I know to come out to the Bridge and paint or draw anytime. They indicated that they love to have artists onsite and they make them welcome. If I get back there, I will take them up on the offer, it is just too good to resist! I think the dogs will be needing a nap for a while about that time!

If you ever have the chance visit this magical place, The Lake Lure Flowering Bridge nestled between Chimney Rock Village and the Lake Lure, North Carolina, do it. It is perfect for young and old. They warmly welcome you, your children, your pets or your art easel. The bridge is outstanding, a real testament to what a community can do, and the people are so warm and charming I bet I remember them the rest of my life.

Let me know in the comments if you think this is a great vacation site. I bet you will agree with me!  https://www.chimneyrock.org/  https://lakelurefloweringbridge.org/  #lakelurefloweringbridge


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  • Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. I have ordered spring to be delivered to Canada. It is being delivered on a slow boat from China.

  • I went to NC a couple of years ago for the Tangle U event. The town of Ashville where the seminar was, was stunning. That was the first time I had been to NC. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of the bridge and flowers as we get ready for a Spring snowstorm in Colorado.

    Cindy Winsel
  • beautiful and YES, I would visit there. I’ve always wanted to visit North Carolina. Was close last year when we went to the Smokey Mountains. I have family near Ashville.

    Nancy Smith

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