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The Power of Joy and How We Can Have More

Experience More Joy by Attracting More Joy

The idea of experiencing more joy by attracting more joy is like the law of attraction. This law says that whatever you spend most of your time focusing on, you are likely to get that result in the end. It is the idea that if you think positively, you can change the overall outcome to a more positive one, but it also involves action, not just thought.

This initial perspective will ultimately be responsible for whatever outcome you receive. For example, if you allow yourself to be upset about not getting something, instead of moving on and trying harder to implement, you are unlikely ever to reach the finish line.

Bloom where you are planted

Focus on Positive Thoughts

Don’t let negative thoughts our run your day. They will only lead to disappointment and failure. That is because you allow negative emotions to run through your body, which makes you perform less at a reduced capacity. Which, in turn, leads to a downward spiral.

Try training yourself to notice when your positive thoughts shift to the opposite direction. One idea is to develop a safe word that signals you to turn your thoughts positive. For example, your pet's name, or a place you love that makes you feel good. Doing this will distract you and lead you back to achieving your goals.

Practice Daily Meditation

This is a great practice to keep yourself calm, relaxed, and mindful throughout the day. Meditation allows you to rid yourself of negative emotions, which provides the ability to seek positive rewards. Meditation allows you to clear your mind and change your perspective, which in turn increases your performance and productivity throughout the day. Have you tried meditating while creating Zentangling or doodling? You can achieve a great state of relaxation through Zentangle. We use Zentangle quite a bit in our art for that very purpose.


Surround Yourself with Joyful People

 A great way to avoid any negativity throughout your day is by surrounding yourself with people you like and who share the same interests as you. If you spend your day with people of the opposing values, and negative perspectives, it is unlikely you will experience much joy and will instead exude bitterness.

Remember, attitudes attract too, so when others notice you don’t feel uplifted by certain types of people and are experiencing a downward spiral, take note of who is around you. Negative emotions only inspire more negative emotions.

Treat Yourself

Reward yourself to boost your morale. The best time to do this is when you have accomplished something significant to you. Other times could be when you are experiencing a bad mental day. For example, if you’re having a lousy day ditch the schedule and go outside for a walk in the park, feed the ducks, or do something joyful for you.

The point of treating yourself is to give yourself time to have fun and be happy. This again will exert positivity throughout the world and make you see everything with a happier lens for a moment. It doesn’t even have to be a long time. Even 15 minutes can help.

 If you haven’t noticed already, the concept is quite simple: To receive joy, you must also truly express joy. The goal is to change your overall perspective from the start so you can have a better reaction in the end. Your response is what ultimately determines what you receive.

One way many find joy is being creative and bringing creativity into their lives. Even the simplest creative accomplishment can bring significant meaning into an otherwise just ok day. Don't know where to begin? Click on our logo and see what we are doing these days creatively. We have both live and recorded classes to bring joy into your life. They certainly bring joy into mine.



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