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Update on the StreetStrider and Do I Need an Electric Stand Up Scooter?

The Ultimate Blog Challenge for April 2020 is drawing near completion. Another 4 days. I will say in some ways this month has gone by so quickly I can hardly believe it. Then other days I felt at a loss initially not knowing what to write about. I cannot keep myself from occasionally thinking, who is going to want to read something about my normal life every day? Well I still do not know the answer to that, but I have found that all I need to do is sit down at my computer, and something always will come to mind for me to share.

I wish I could think of something funny every day. I love to make people smile and at this point in my life there is nothing better than making others laugh. It makes me happy, just thinking that someone may smile at something I write is a pleasant thought.

So how about you give me a smile today and I give you a terrible picture of me on my StreetStrider. It is bound to make you laugh or cry. Choose laughter please!

Yes, I am still getting it out and trying to ride 3 – 4 times a week. I say trying because this week my knee started hurting so bad about a ¼ mile from home that I have been walking my bike far more than riding it. That probably is an awesome sight to see. Me walking this huge stand up bicycle like it is a dog. I bet some people laugh, there you go, I should be happy. I made them laugh. About a week after I started riding some of my neighbors were sure laughing at the exploits that they witnessed that first week. Again success!

I am going to keep trying with the StreetStrider, I ordered 2 knee braces with the hope that will cure my ills. I can tell this is good exercise and I was getting stronger, going further. No longer riding off the road all the time! That is progress. I am laughing at myself.

Tonight, my neighbor’s son brought over his new toy, an electric stand up scooter. I did not try it, but my friend and her husband did. I see a scooter in their future. Me I want something like a Can Am or a Vespa that I can put on my RV trailer hitch and take on trips. That would give me the freedom to go places without having to Uber or Lyft when I get there. I do not know when I will make that happen, but somehow, I feel confident that me riding an electric stand up scooter into a town from an RV park is just not going to happen! It is possible that it could be a lot of fun for driving around my neighborhood, if I watch out for the ATVs that is. Unbelievably enough one knocked my metal post mounted, metal mailbox off today, so I guess they are a real threat!

I am not even sure after that, what to say in closing today. How about watch out for your neighbor’s mailboxes, apparently, they can jump into the road at will!

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  • Good for you! I would never have the courage to get on one of those.

    Jeanine Byers
  • You go girl. It doesn’t look that easy to ride. I have a hybrid bike. It’s a cross between a street bike and a mountain bike.

  • That’s very cool! I’ve never seen one but looks like you got the hang of it!!


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