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Welcome to Cindy Rae Fancher Art!

For those that love to get to the bottom line quickly let me:

  • Welcome you to my shop, I am so excited you are here!
  • Thank you for looking at my work, if you smiled at least once I succeeded!
  • Thank you in advance if you decide to purchase!
  • Keep coming back, my inventory is small today, but I will be adding to it each week and I have a flock of those crazy EMUs that I want to share with you!
  • Tell you that I hope my shop, my work and my story encourage you to do what makes you happy and whole. No matter the result the effort is worthwhile and enriches our lives. 

What follows are the significant points in my life that led me to you and you to me. I can't wait to get to know you a little better and in case you want to know why I paint what I paint, this is that story.

Some years ago during a time in my life where I pondered the possibility of becoming a nun, yes a nun, art initially returned to me. I say return because for most of my life art was nowhere to be found, other than some crocheting. Like so many, as a child I loved art, ceramics especially. I remember begging my parents to let me take an afternoon ceramics class in elementary school. My Mom saw to it that I had a chance to try it. THANK YOU, Mom! I created a few pieces that I still have today, but I left ceramics behind. I'm not sure why, I always loved it and the process, never being quite sure what would come about when the piece was done. What color would it be? Would the surface be smooth enough? Would the piece break while firing? All of those unknowns and I found it intriguing and inspiring!

In middle school I remember making a paper mache version of Snoopy. I think I may still have it. It was funny and a joy to make for a good grade, but I left it behind also. In high school I had a friend, Debbie, who crocheted with me continuously. I crocheted shawls that no one other than my mother ever wore, but she was so proud of them. I also took up sewing and it was wonderful. I helped my mother make clothes for my sister and I.

Shortly after high school I took an art class, there came the disappointment that I allowed to remove art from my life for many years. My instructor didn't think I had talent, I didn't want to paint like he did, is ultimately what I realized was the problem. My feelings were hurt and I felt untalented, so I put my art aside. But a miracle happened 20 years later and I found God was calling me to paint what I felt I was seeing in my prayer. I did and it was moving to me, doubtful anyone else, but it was enough for me at the time. Again though I put my art aside for a few years. I became interested in quilting and made two wonderful friends, Cindy and Sarah. In addition, my oldest niece went to many classes and bee meetings with me, when she was young, and that was a tremendous gift to me. I love quilting, but I find I do not want to follow directions, so buying the fabric to make a pattern begins to present a challenge. It is as if I cannot sew within the lines, I feel so constrained and as a result it is super challenging to finish anything. Therefore, I have an amazing stash of fabric...

My father passed in 2002 and I was laid off from a job I didn't like. I was devastated. This was the 2nd pivotal time for my art. I took to paper and canvas creating totally unique pieces full of texture and color that I still love today. Through my grief I found the courage to develop my own voice and to paint with the joy that brought me. The third pivotal time in my art life, was somewhat making it through the grief of losing my dear supportive Mother. I couldn't really do much art for several years, but I retired a year or so ago and I have jumped into creating and being with creative wonders with both feet and find that I am healing every day. The result of which is what you will see in Cindy Rae Fancher Art and what you will find posts, live events and quick tips/tutorials on Facebook. I hope to see you see you soon joining in on the fun!

Cindy Rae

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  • Congratulations, Cindy Rae! I loved reading your story and look forward to hearing more of your journey. You are an inspiration to all of us.

    Nelda Ream Jinkerson
  • Wow! I am so excited for you. I think I viewed every web page. I especially loved your blog and your emus. :) I will be checking your new site often. I am wishing the utmost success, Cindy.

    Donna Perry

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