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What Season are You in?

I spent the afternoon working with a friend who is starting to help me with my web store. I am still trying to initially populate all of my originals and items with my art on them; adult and children clothing items and home & living accessories. Particularly the Mus. I am sitting here with a Mu Shirt on. I find when wear one of my Mu shirts and I look in the mirror I smile. Who cannot use that response when they look in the mirror? So needless to say I like wearing my Mu shirts! I wore it into town to ship a painting to a customer today and I see people looking at it, not quite sure what it is. I find that humorous!


I just went outside and the day is spectacular. We do not get many days of true spring in Southeast Texas. We seem to jump from semi-winter to blazing hot summer so quickly you never saw spring go by. We had a front come through and remove the humidity from the air and it is so lovely outside. I would go so far as it is perfect outside. The temperature is in the mid 80's, but it feels like the seventies and I will take that every day of the week!

Spring and Fall are my favorites, they are beautiful and they signal change on the horizon. We have a hint of the change with cooler or warmer temperatures and leaves coloring / falling or budding out. You know that something is coming and I believe I like that anticipation. I guess I like that about life also.

When I was young, we moved quite frequently until I was 10 years old. Perhaps that taught me to anticipate and understand change was part of life. I do not think most change has been that hard for me, other than perhaps the loss of my parents. I seem to be able to adapt and move forward and it is a skill that has served me well. 

I have reached a new season in my life with retirement, puppies, living on the lake, RVing and starting my art business. I find aspects of these changes challenging, but most of the time I think of them as just another change I need to adapt to and learn through and from. Seems to me that is what all of the seasons of our lives are about, adapting and learning.

How about you, how do you feel about the seasons or this season of your life? I am interested in hearing your thoughts.

I took these pictures off my deck last fall when the weather was changing.

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  • The calendar says I am in the spring season but it is still freezing at night and I shiver during the day.
    “Shiver”, I just realized why the french word for winter is hiver. :)

    Doug Jarvie
  • I think I share your season with retirement, art, and my art and coaching business. Your photos are magnificent and they brought a chuckle to my being.

    Cindy Winsel
  • Wow great photos. Change is rough for me but I hang in there 😁. I’m enjoying your writing and I love your Mu shirt. I need to order one from your site, I just haven’t decided what color I want yet.


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