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  • Treasuring Contentment in Big or Small Doses

    Create and Treasure Little Moments of Contentment In yesterday's post, I shared with you a process for learning to focus on contentment. Small mome...
  • How Wonderful Contentment Feels!

    When we think negatively or complain about things, we are bound to feel terrible. You will never reach a state of contentment if you continue to allow this cycle to perpetuate.
  • Finding Your Peace With What You Can’t Change

    Acceptance is probably the most difficult thing when it comes to moving past a complaint mindset. It's also the most impactful. As with facing your demons and acknowledging your baggage, learning to accept things involves letting go. 
  • Is Fear the Cause for Your Complaining?

    Finally, it is time to take action and so something with the information you've gained through your introspection. One way to help yourself move forward is to consider the worst-case scenario. 
  • Set A Good Example for Your Kids

    Talk to them about ways they can work to change things that frustrate them, when possible. Emphasize brainstorming solutions to the problems that upset them. Be creative really discuss and give your children a chance to make suggestions. Do not forget to share ways to cope with the things they can't change.
  • The Danger of Complaining on Social Media

    People complain all the time in lots of ways. Not only do we complain verbally and in person, we also tend to vent through email correspondence and...
  • Simple Ways To Practice Gratitude

    These are three easy ways to practice gratitude in your life. Give them a try and see if you do not find yourself feeling more positive and thankful before too long.
  • 3 Tips to Help You Become Aware Of Your Complaints

    Awareness is half the battle when it comes to ending your complaint habit. Once you know what your triggers are, you can work to become more positive and end the cycle of complaining.
  • Understanding The Connection Between Complaining and Depression

    I know we have talked about complaining and what it does to your brain. You have learned that constant negative thinking creates neural pathways w...
  • It is Time to Take Charge and Initiate Change

    Moving past just complaining will be easier once you realize what is at the root of your complaints. This step is important and requires brutal honesty with yourself. Usually, people's complaints have a root cause or problem. They usually go beyond the surface. For example, if you find yourself complaining a lot about the ways people treat you, chances are good that you may have some underlying feelings about yourself and your worth at play here.
  • The Case for Personal Responsibility

    Instead, we must learn to own our words and take full personal responsibility for our complaints. When we are frustrated by something enough to want to complain about it, we need to decide whether making the complaint is worth the fallout, the consequences. 
  • Shift Your Focus Toward Positivity

    Step Outside Yourself

    Finally, sometimes you must get out of your own way and out of your own head if you want to change your perspective. One awesome way to do that is to help others. It can be in a small, informal way or by throwing yourself into a big project. Whether it is offering assistance to your overworked colleague or starting a huge philanthropic campaign, helping others can totally change your negative attitude.