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  • Gratitude and Contentment and their Relationship to Your Happiness

    If gratitude leads to contentment, which then can result in the overarching state of happiness, it is crucial that we begin to understand ways to cultivate gratitude. There are lots of ways you can consciously work toward being more grateful for all the good you possess.
  • What is the Difference Between Legitimate Complaints and Whining

    Let's review what's involved with a legitimate complaint. First, you have to know what it is that is truly the cause of your discontent. You must determine if your complaint is a productive one, with a solution, or if it is merely venting your frustration. 
  • Take a Breath!

    Constant complaining, as I shared with you in yesterday's blog post, can really hold you back. This happens when you gain a bad reputation as a downer who never has anything positive to say. People make all kinds of assumptions about the character of complainers, and they don't usually want to hang around such folks. Chronic complaining can cost you relationships, jobs and more.
  • Do You Realize How Others Perceive Your Complaining?

    If you have been reading my blog for the past week, the chances are good that you would like to lessen your complaining and grow your contentment. You could also be interested in learning more so you can help someone who has a habit of complaining.

  • How To Voice A Legitimate Complaint

    It is true that complaining can become a bad habit that is hard to kick, overshadowing all the good things in your life and causing people to avoid you. 

  • There is Power in Gratitude

    Yesterday we looked at the benefits of choosing to be content. Contentment does not come naturally to everyone. In fact, our brains are wired to se...
  • Choose Contentment Over Complaints Any Day

    Ending the complaint cycle is likely to lead to greater happiness. When you consciously decide to make a change, you usually engage in some self-assessment. You take a hard look at what is bringing you down, what's at the root of your dissatisfaction.
  • What Exactly Is Going On In Your Brain When You Complain?

    We talked about how constant negativity and stress related to chronic complaints can lead to changes in the brain and body. I would like to follow up on the ways in which this process affects your brain. 
  • The High Price You Pay for Complaining

    People do not like to be around complainers. Hearing nothing but negativity from a friend or loved one is a huge turnoff for most folks. Constant complaining can be contagious. Have you ever noticed that it tends to be easy to slip into a habit of moaning and groaning when you are around a Negative Nancy? 
  • Blogging the Ultimate Blog Challenge for Q4 Starts Today - My 30 Day Challenge for You - Finding Happiness by Eliminating Complaints

    Understanding Why Turning Complaint Into Contentment Will Change Your Life Howdy from Texas and welcome to the Turning Complaints into Contentment ...
  • The Power of Joy and How We Can Have More

    Experience More Joy by Attracting More Joy The idea of experiencing more joy by attracting more joy is like the law of attraction. This law says th...
  • Coffee with the Cindys' Episode 1 has Launched

    Hi There from Texas and Colorado! My friend Cindy Winsel and I are so excited to tell you about a new YouTube video show we are hosting. It is "Cof...