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The Artist - Cindy Rae Fancher, CZT

I am an artist who believes that all of us have a desire to have some level of emotionally inspiring color in our home and office spaces, even in our children’s rooms. I love to paint and go where the canvas takes me. One day a painting can be a landscape and the next an abstract painting. This happened just recently! Each canvas has a "thing" it is supposed to be and it is my job to bring that "thing" out of the canvas.

I am happily venturing forth into my second life to provide you with that color and a sense of wonder. I hope you wonder how I created something, what made me paint something that way? That you are inspired by the color or lack of it. Maybe you will ask how did she come up with a camel in that painting? It is all there for you to ponder and enjoy. We all need more joy in our lives and I am bringing it with my AbstractMU(Emu)AnimalsEncaustic Mixed Media, DollMixed Media Jewelry paintings. 


Ascension in first stage of progress.  Acrylic Abstract Mixed Media Ascension in further state of progress Acrylic Mixed Media Ascension complete


I have also begun to paint Neurographica like art and to include tangles in my paintings.

Neurographica Type Art

In addition to creating my art I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) and can teach you and your group how to enjoy the peace and wonder of tangling. I also do commission tangles with names and initials for special gifts.

Cindy Rae Fancher CZT Original Tangle

I have also become aware that many of us feel something is missing from our lives. Have you considered that the thing could be your own personal experience with creativity? Especially if you think of yourself as not having a creative bone in your body! To support you moving away from that feeling, I have created the paid community “Finding Your Creative Bones” which launched July 20, 2020. In this video interview with Anne LaFollette I describe my vision for the community. 

This community will focus on you and your strengthening your creative thinking through practice. Through the community you might find yourself transformed both in career and your personal life. Creativity is so critical to our lives and our spirit. Email me if you are interested in learning more at cindyraefancherart@att.net. We will be adding new members in the September timeframe. I would love to tell you more and have you join us!

Join me as I share my process and journey creating art for you. I promise to bring you smiles with my stories about creating art on the lake and my new love for creating while RVing, in "Big Lola", check out my blog to laugh at the events so far. Life has become even more interesting and humorous with my 2 rescue pups, Buddy and Reckless

Artist Cindy Rae Fancher with Pups Reckless and Buddy


 I would love to talk with you, please contact me!
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