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Finding Your Creative Bones - Trial Subscription 7/20/2020 - 9/19/2020

Finding Your Creative Bones - Trial Subscription 7/20/2020 - 9/19/2020

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2 Month introductory subscription to the Finding Your Creative Bones Community* from 7/20/2020 through 9/19/2020, value minimum of $31.98.

Finding Your Creative Bones is a community designed for the entrepreneur, business leader, administrator, teacher, parent and any other life or career path. It is for all of us.

Finding Your Creative Bones is a community founded to bring together people who want to make better decisions and achieve more in their lives. You may also long to feel a sense of peace or focus. Today many of us are feeling more tension and working hard to achieve the lives we dream of. For your investment in your work and life you deserve to be happier and achieve more. We understand that it is frustrating to feel that you are giving everything you have to offer and change is slow.

You will begin to stretch your creativity and transform yourself as you Find your Creative Bones with us. Your subscription will enable you to participate in the:

  • Daily creativity prompts - 2 to 3 levels of challenge each day
  • Monthly creativity challenges - Monthly Live Q&A (will be recorded)
  • Monthly Live Create Together (will be recorded) 
  • Finding Your Creative Bones Community
  • Other materials as they become available.*
  • You will be granted free full access to all creativity prompts, challenges and materials available on startup July 20, 2020 through September 19, 2020.

Anyone can do these activities and You will  find they grow your creative thinking skills!

Finding Your Creative Bones Community is a new product and you will have the opportunity to become a Founding Member with a 20% discount on the annual membership fee.

* This offer does not include any courses which have a supplemental cost above the base subscription fee.

If you have any questions or problems please contact Cindy Rae Fancher @ cindyraefancherart@att.net.